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eneral Motors ◆Corp to buy the rig●hts to its Hu◆mmer brand for○ an undisclos●ed price.Suning〓 Appliances, ?/p>

駎he country's lead〓ing electr●ical appliance■ retailer, an◆nounced in l

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at■e June that it sig●ned an agreement wit〓h Japanese e●lectrical appliance 〓retailer Laox.China■ has announ

ced the d◆etailed subsidy● plan for auto and h●ome appliance ○replacemen

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t◆s. The National Dev■elopment and〓 Reform Commission○ said on Wed○nesday that con●sumers who ◆trade-in the

ir ■used small and mediu■m-sized truck ■will receive a reb●ate from thre


e to● six thousand y●uan.Those who tra○de-in used certai〓n types of medium■-sized passenger 〓cars for new on

es● may also receive u○p to six-tho■usand yuan〓. Rebates w●ill also be

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a■rs. He said 〓there is a vast■ surplus of jun〓ked TVs an〓d radios in his〓 rural home. ◆"Go figure; I colle◆ct e-waste in B◆eijing for ●a living but at〓 home there is w■ay to deal ●with it. It's◆ kind of funny〓," said Jiao.Bu●t scattered ○villages, such as ◆those in J●iao's home● county, make e-wa●ste collecti○on work more◆ difficult, he adde○d.Wen Jiabao u◆rges innovation to b◆oost economyPremie●r Wen Jiabao visi○ted

nch f■ashion compan◆y Pierre Car■di

east Chi●na's Shand〓ong provin■ce on New Y●ear's Day, ■to get a firs■t-hand loo●k at people's lives 〓there. He has● pledged more meas●ures from ◆the central ○government ■to stimulate domesti〓c demand, and has ur■ged innovation i●n local economie●s to create m■ore opportunities fo●r development.W■en Jiabao's 〓tour to Shand○ong has in〓troduced new ideas ●into the New ◆Year atmosphere.◆ Visiting ●a candle factor○y, the pr

n, analyst○s were quick to●

em◆ier encouraged staff● to focus more o●n innovation, a〓nd to create good pr◆oducts that meet ○diverse dem◆ands from ho◆me and abroad■.He also emphas○ized the need to exp■lore the p■ossibilities i〓n rural markets,〓 which have 〓large undeveloped◆ potential for ◆consumptio●n. The coun●try has just■ released preferent◆ial policies to su◆bsidize the p■urchase of electr●ic appliances an◆d devices by rural〓 resi

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dents. Wen ◆Jiabao looked in◆to the implemen◆tation of the po◆licy from producti○on to sale.■ The State Council b●elieves uncertaintie〓s still exist ○in economic devel●opment. The g●overnment will the○refore maintain ●most of its p◆ro-consumption po●licies next year 〓to ensure ●stable and fas■t growth.Exten〓d home applianc〓e subsidiesIt will ◆extend subsidi●es on purc●hases of h〓ome applian○c

es in rural a■reas. Specific○ally, it will raise ○the upper limits of● prices for target●ed product■s and improve subs〓idy standards■. Local govern〓ments

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China's S〓tate-owned and priv●

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uncil will a●lso extend the purch○ase tax cut on vehic◆les with e●ngines of 1.6 lit●ers or smaller till 〓the end of ■next year. Sub○si

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ts wil○l be raised● to 18-thousand ■yuan.Th

e govern○ment is expected t〓o include a soc?/p>

al security f■und in its○ budget to impr〓ove manage

ment of th○e fund. Only ◆on CCTV:Ch■ina subsidizes

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